2017 Professional Development Conference E3 - Effective & Empowered Educators


2017 AEA Professional Development Conference

The Arkansas Education Association is focused on ensuring that every student has a caring, qualified and committed teacher. To help educators be their best, we host an annual professional development conference in Little Rock. Our conference is the most comprehensive professional development conference for educators in Arkansas.

This year, the AEA Professional Development Conference will host some of the most innovative, interesting and relevant workshops for Arkansas educators. Conference participants will explore: new strategies to reach all students, learn new approaches to teaching a diverse array of content areas and much, much more!

Join us along with hundreds of educators from across Arkansas on Thursday November 2nd and Friday November 3rd at the DoubleTree Hotel in downtown Little Rock as we come together to create effective and empowered educators.

This year’s conference hotel is at the downtown Little Rock DoubleTree, Robinson Theater, and additional locations in Little Rock. Visit our event page to learn more and file your notice of intent to attend!

DoubleTree Hotel

424 West Markham

Little Rock, AR  72201

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