2017 Forrest Rozzell Lecture Jahana Hayes 2016 National Teacher of the Year


2017 Forrest Rozzell Lecture


Each year, as part of our Professional Development Conference, we host a speaker as part of our Rozzell Lecture Series.

NOVEMBER 2, 2017 · 6 P.M. – 8 P.M.


Throughout her career, Hayes has been honored time and time again for her unwavering dedication to her students inside and outside the classroom – a commitment Hayes inherited from the teachers who saw in her the potential to overcome the abject poverty that surrounded her childhood.

“Teachers exposed me to a different world by letting me borrow books to read at home and sharing stories about their college experiences. So many things that [teachers do] fall outside of traditional teaching responsibilities. It is those times when I am transformed into an advisor, counselor, confidant and protector.”

– Jahana Hayes, 2016 National Teacher of the Year

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